Jeremy Thomas Moss 2nd Chance Welding Endowed Scholarship

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This scholarship was established by Jeremy Moss’ family, whereas he was given a “2nd Chance”, it is the earnest desire that other students who struggle greatly be embraced, encouraged, and assisted with this scholarship. The family saw first hand the impact of a few had on Jeremy by giving him an opportunity to right himself and be hopeful for a bright future.
Scholarship Criteria:
  • Be a full time student enrolled in the welding program.
  • Be a resident of Bladen County. If there is no qualfied Bladen County resident then this criteria will be waived.
  • Submit a scholarship application.
  • Be a student deserving of a “2nd Chance” and given this opportunity to thereby qualify to receive this scholarship.
  • Be a motivated, capable leaner who has a demonstrated economic need.
  • Subit a brief statement as to why they feel qualified to receive this scholarship and how they feel it would impact their life.
  • Maintain a 2.0 GPA.
  • Continue enrollment for the duration of the scholarship.