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Stay Involved

When you graduate, we know your story is just beginning and we want to stay in touch! Our alumni association is just beginning to pick up some speed and we are connecting with graduates every day. The purpose of the Association will be to foster communication between Bladen Community College and her Alumni worldwide; to encourage social and professional interaction among Alumni, faculty and students of Bladen Community College; and to promote the ideals of: scholarship support, service to others, and preservation of college history.

Alumni Association Registration and Alumni Updates

Connect with your fellow Alumni. This is the place to see where folks who graduated with you are today!

Have you moved? Do you have a new email address? Did you get married or change jobs? Do you need information on reunions we are planning? We want to keep in touch. Please update your information so we can keep you connected on everything to do with Bladen Community College. Please also provide any updates or info you would like us to include in our upcoming newsletter. Be sure to include a photo!

As an a alumna/us of Bladen Community College we would like to add you to our Alumni Mailing List. Please complete the form below and either return by postal mail to Sondra Guyton, Bladen Community College Foundation, Inc., P. O. Box 384, Dublin, NC 28332 or via email at

Join the Alumni of Bladen Community College

    Contact Information

    Thank you for registering with the BCC Foundation as part of our alumni group!

    You are a vital part of the college community and we want to stay in touch with and support you any way we can. Please send us a photo and any bio information that you would like to share - use the email address Also remember to send us updates anytime you have a major life event so we can update our information and or share your good news with other alumni.