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Want to get more involved and meet other students?

Join a club… or start one!

Extracurricular activities are viewed as important to the total growth and educational development of the individual. Students are encouraged to take an active role in clubs on campus and to  educate and empower themselves for success.  Campus clubs and organizations provide opportunities to assist students in becoming well rounded and in developing interpersonal communication and leadership skills. Clubs provide a variety of activities for cultural, entertainment, and recreational purposes. These activities also include social events, and service projects.

Procedures for Starting New Student Clubs

When a group of students recognizes a common interest, which it wishes to strengthen through formal organization, a written proposal should be submitted to the Vice President for Student Services. The proposal should show the need for the organization, its purpose goal and/or objectives, number of persons interested, name of sponsor and the constitution. If faculty, staff, or a student is interested in starting a club please contact the Vice President for Student Services for further information.


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Get Involved

Which Club Interests You?

Beta Rho

Beta Rho Theta The purpose of Beta Rho Theta is to recognize and encourage scholarship …


Campus Ministries The purpose of Campus Ministries is to provide regular opportunities for Bible study, …


Criminal Justice Association The purpose of this chapter is to promote unity among students who …


The History Club The History Club Is an organization for those interested in history and …

Ink Quill

The Ink Quill Society The Ink Quill Society promotes interest in writing and creative arts. …


Need Help Finding Your Way?

Men of

The Minority Male Mentoring Program, “Men of Standard”, has been implemented to enhance the academic …

Nu Alpha

Nu Alpha Nu Alpha is the local chapter of the national English honor society Sigma …

Skills USA

Skills USA Skills USA strives to increase pride in work through education and competitions in …


Student Government Association Each student enrolled at Bladen Community College is a member of the …

Wise Owls
Reading Society

Wise Owls Reading Society The purpose of the Wise Owls Reading Society is to foster …


Need Help Finding Your Way?

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