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Few institutions impact lives and local economics the way Bladen Community College does.

The college has changed the lives of many of the most disadvantaged. Graduates touch many lives—they become our teachers, our technicians, our nurses, and our community leaders. The dollars given to Bladen Community College synergize. It is a great investment that pays dividends forever.

Community colleges in the state were originally funded by public support along with tuition and fees. However, as diminishing government support, changeable student enrollment, and higher operating costs have altered the financial landscape, community colleges have begun adopting a new perspective. More and more, they are turning to their foundations as an important revenue source to offset the impact of budget cuts while sustaining educational excellence and accessibility.

Our Bladen Community College Foundation offers many opportunities and avenues in which to invest in the college. You may wish to give to the BCC Foundation’s general fund allowing the college the freedom to meet needs as they arise or you may choose to designate part, or all, of your gift to a specific program, scholarship, or naming opportunity.

Regardless of whether it is restricted or unrestricted, your investment will assist Bladen Community College in meeting its most critical institutional and instructional needs. Please give today knowing that your investment will support Bladen Community College and our students for years to come. For your convenience, you may contribute online by going to the BCC Website “Donate” link.

On behalf of the college, I invite you to learn more about the Bladen Community College Foundation and the various ways you may support the college’s educational programs.


Guyton, Sondra H.

Vice President for Institutional Advancement & Community Relations
Institutional Advancement
Building 10 Room 18


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About BCC Foundation

Bladen Community College is dedicated to delivering a great education, but we also desire to share the best overall experience possible for each of our students.

Ambassador Program

The BCC Student Ambassador Program is comprised of a diverse group of students who serve as leaders on campus.

Alumni Association

When you graduate, we know your story is just beginning and we want to stay in touch!

Volunteering & Mentoring

Our donor community is full of talented people. When folks donate their time talent and treasure, it certainly does not go unnoticed.

Foundation Annual Dinner

We are so very excited to bring you our newest event on October 5th, 2023!

Featured Scholarship Opportunities

Lucy Jevons Endowed Scholarship

Lucy Jevons, mother to Erica Jevons Sizemore and mother-in-law to Rupert Sizemore III, dreamed of being a cosmetologist since she was a young girl and started early by doing the hair of friends and family before she was even a teenager. She put herself through her schooling, apprenticeship and started young in her career. Her love for the business and service to her clients was apparent. After 50 years of serving others as a cosmetologist, she retired professionally. This endowment pays tribute to Lucy’s love for her family, love of her craft and to share that love by supporting students who dedicate their energies to advancing themselves through their education, including those many students who often have little to no support on the way to reaching their dreams. Lucy was self-made in her work and supported her family while doing what she loved.
Student recipients must be admitted to the College in accordance with standard College procedures and admissions criteria and be in pursuit of a degree. In awarding the Lucy Jevons Endowment criteria are as follows:
●  Be enrolled in the Cosmetology Program
●  Submit a scholarship application
●  Maintain a 2.0 or greater grade point average
●  Continue enrollment for the duration of the scholarship


Final awarding authority rests with the College Scholarship Office. Should the recipient, at any time prior to the semester in which he/she receives the scholarship, cease to meet the stated criteria, the College Scholarship Office may revoke its awarding of said scholarship.