Quality Enhancement Plan

Quality Enhancement Plan

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What is a QEP?

Every ten years, as part of becoming reaccredited, the College creates and executes a Quality Enhancement Plan (the QEP) to improve student success.

What is the topic of BCC’s QEP?

Adaptable – Adapting to individual students and their specific needs.

Holistic – Supporting the many sides of a student’s experience (academic, social, financial, emotional).

Advising – Guiding, supporting, and advocating for students.

What is changing with the QEP?

1. Our advising model: BCC is moving to a system of full-time professional advisors, called Student Success and Engagement (SSE) Representatives.Your SSE rep will support you from the moment you become a student at BCC until you meet your goals and move on from the College. They will be your point of contact to help you register for classes, access resources, develop skills, set goals, and navigate life as a College student. All advisors will receive extensive up-to-date training based on the most current advising research to ensure that they stay fully equipped to meet your needs.

2. Entrance and exit: we’re improving new-student orientation and intake into the Center for Student Success and Engagement. We want to ensure that you start on the right path with all of the resources and information you need to be successful. When you meet your goals at the College, we will be here to help ensure a smooth transition into further learning, the workplace, or your next big adventure.

3. Early alerts: your instructors are keeping your SSE reps updated with information about your performance so that they can celebrate your success and support your needs.