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The BCC Student Ambassador Program is comprised of a diverse group of students who serve as leaders on campus.

They are liaisons between students, faculty, and staff, and they help answer questions and participate in campus activities. Ambassadors develop relationships with the campus community and network with community representative. These students are also driven to serve others outside the campus community and participate in volunteer projects.

During their time as Ambassadors, students gain leadership skills, public speaking training and lessons in etiquette throughout the course of the year served.

Student Ambassadors must maintain high academic standards and undergo an application and interview process. In return for their service, students are awarded a scholarship that will help assist with their tuition, books, fees, and personal expenses.

A BCC Student Ambassador

……is a representative, spokesperson, leader, role model, team player, volunteer, mediator, good communicator, and good listener.

……is approachable, accessible, trustworthy, reliable, confident, humble, honest, open-minded, loyal and compassionate.

……has personal courage and integrity.

……knows him or herself and recognizes his or her individual limitations but knows the power of teamwork.

Selection Process

Four Ambassadors will be selected from among the student body based on applications, recommendations, and interviews.

  1. Applications should be completed by June 15th of each year and selections for the following academic year will be made by July 30th.
  2. Recommendations must be completed and either submitted with the application or emailed to the Foundation no later than June 30th.
  3. Interviews will be conducted upon completion of the application process. More than one interview may be required during the selection process.

Criteria for Selection

Students who are eligible to apply for the Ambassador Program must meet the following criteria:

  1. Completed 12 semester hours on campus at Bladen Community College with a GPA of 2.5 or better prior to the end of the semester in which application is made. This includes rising 2nd-year students enrolled in the CCP (Career & College Promise) program who maintain a 2.5 GPA or better and 12 college credit hours.
  2. Complete an Ambassador Program application and secure a minimum of three recommendations.
  3. Submit an essay which explains why you are interested in representing BCC as an Ambassador and what special skills or experiences you would bring to the program.
  4. Make yourself available for an interview with the Ambassador Selection Committee at a time convenient for all.
  5. Applicants will not be eligible to serve as a Student Government Association officers during the academic year of appointment.

Benefits of Service

Ambassadors will receive the following benefits from the college and/or the program for their services:

  1. $500 scholarship each semester of service in good standing.
  2. Two golf shirts.
  3. One pair of uniform khaki pants.
  4. Name tag with their name and Ambassador designation.
  5. Training in public speaking and social etiquette.
  6. Leadership training.

The Ambassador Program is sponsored by the Bladen Community College Foundation, Inc.