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Special Notice to Chapter 33 students starting 2022!

Wondering if you qualify for veterans benefits?

The Veterans Administration (VA) provides educational opportunities to eligible veterans, spouses, and children of certain categories of living and deceased veterans and to certain active duty military personnel, reservists, and National Guard members. The VA Certification Official processes necessary documentation, provides guidance in obtaining benefits, certifies enrollment and monitors student academic progress. In order to qualify for VA benefits, BCC must be in receipt of official copies of all high school and college transcripts. Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 in order to be eligible to receive VA benefits. Students may apply for VA educational benefits online through United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

Getting Started

Choose a VA approved program. Almost all BCC Academic Programs that award a degree or diploma are approved. Continuing Education programs are not approved.

Meet all BCC and VA admission requirements:

  • an official high school transcript or GED
  • official transcripts from all colleges attended
  • formal evaluation by BCC of all college transcripts and any military training submitted for evaluation and completion of any required placement testing
  • completion of an application, VA 1990 or VA 5490. If you have used VA education benefits before, a VA 1995 or VA 5495 is needed instead
  • a copy of all DD214s or NOBE may be required (not required if you have used education benefits before)

No certification can be made until all these requirements are met.

BCC participates in the Tuition Assistance program offered by the Department of Defense (DoD). Students are encouraged to visit TA Decide.   In addition to working with BCC’s Certifying Official, service members are encouraged to speak with their Educational Services Officer (ESO) or equivalent in their Military Service branch prior to enrolling.

Please note that VA students except Chapter 33 are responsible for the payment of tuition, fees, and books at registrati.

Frequently Asked Questions


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