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An individual interested in attending Bladen Community College or a new student wanting to register or a currently enrolled student at Bladen Community College now has the opportunity to have an academic advising session in the new Advising Center in Student Services. Bladen Community College’s Advising Center opened this year to support students with advising and registration assistance as well as connecting students with resources for student success.

The College closed its campus in mid-March due to COVID-19 and college leaders quickly began to plan to stay student-centered and future focus in a remote learning environment.  They reacted to the situation forced upon them, develop plans to pivot as the situation changed, and worked towards supporting students for the summer and fall sessions ahead.  College leaders and faculty knew that students would have questions and would need assistance to successfully finish the semester in such unprecedented, uncharted times.

The college’s faculty advisors began to take phone calls and emails along with schedule appointment to guide students through their academic program requirements while answering relevant questions to help move students toward graduation. The purpose of the Advising Center is to provide the academic information students need to successfully begin at BCC, register students for the upcoming academic session and provide support along the way. Academic advising services is the core offering at the new center but other services such as career counseling are planned for the future. A student can now access advising services that include advice on degree sequence and completion, assistance with planning a course schedule, assistance with registration for classes, academic plans, adding or withdrawing from courses, academic probation and graduation.

The contact information for the Advising Center is or 910.879-5584 or 910.879.5586. Bladen Community College has a very friendly and knowledgeable group of advisors that will be able to meet with students through online conferencing or with safe, individualized appointments on campus. The Advising Center is open for face-to-face advising Monday thru Thursday 8 am until 12 Noon.  High school students will continue to be advised by their Career and College Promise counselors at Bladen Community College.