Harmony Hall/Livingston Endowed Scholarship

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To qualify as a recipient for the Harmony Hall/Livingston Endowed Scholarship, an applicant must meet the following criteria:
  • The applicant must be enrolled at Bladen Community College.
  • The applicant must have two letters of recommendation.  One from his/her high school teachers or principal and second from a reputable person in his/her community.  If the applicant is family connected, then the second letter should be from a family member.  If reapplying they must follow the same criteria as above, except they are to secure a letter of recommendation from Bladen Community College advisor.
  • Priority will be given to a descendent or family-connected relative of William Robert Livingston or Myrtle Suggs Livingston.
  • Along with the application, the student should submit an essay sharing what impact this scholarship will have, as well as, sharing their future goals and aspirations.
  • The student must have an overall GPA of 2.5 and maintain this average in order to reapply for this scholarship.
Relatives of the Livingstons will be the primary approving authority on the recipient of this scholarship. The amount of the scholarship will be based upon the interest income generated from the principal of the Harmony Hall/Livingston Fund.