Carolyn Rose Naylor Endowment

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Carolyn Rose Naylor, mother to Rupert Sizemore III and mother-in-law to Erica Jevons Sizemore, was a free spirit at heart but knew the benefits of hard work. She was no stranger to sacrifice for the benefit of others, especially her children, Rupert Sizemore III and Katherine Jenkins. She put herself through her schooling to become a nurse while working two jobs with a toddler at home. Despite sometimes challenging circumstances, she never missed a joyful moment and was always quick to help and care for others. She is missed but her legacy lives on in this endowment which pays tribute to Carolyn’s love for her family and sheer determination to make a better life for herself; this endowment is dedicated to her for those students who chose to advance themselves through their education, including those many students who often have little to no support on the way to reaching their dreams.
Student recipients must be admitted to the College in accordance with standard College procedures and admissions criteria and be in pursuit of a degree. In awarding the Carolyn Rose Naylor Endowment criteria are as follows:
●  Be enrolled in a Practical Nurse (PN) or Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Program
●  Submit a scholarship application
●  Maintain a 2.0 or greater grade point average
●  Continue enrollment for the duration of the scholarship


Final awarding authority rests with the College Scholarship Office. Should the recipient, at any time prior to the semester in which he/she receives the scholarship, cease to meet the stated criteria, the College Scholarship Office may revoke its awarding of said scholarship.